Our Terms & Conditions.. To Download a copy in Word Format Click Here: © Allied Machinery ALLIED MACHINERY LIMITED JUNCTION MILLS TONG ROAD LEEDS LS12 4NQ, ENGLAND TELE: 0113 279-2792  Company No: 2687049 TERMS & CONDITIONS    SPECIFICATION OR DESCRIPTION OF NEW MACHINES As per manufacturer's leaflets or details, unless superseded or altered by the manufacturer or supplier, with or without notice or knowledge by ourselves. We offer as manufacturer's agents only, in the supply of new machines and as time passes we may cease to represent one manufacturer or another for commercial or other reasons. SPECIFICATION OR DESCRIPTION OF REBUILT, OVERHAULED OR USED MACHINES As per manufacturer's original leaflets etc., (if available), or as described by ourselves, on the proviso only that we state what we can see, deduce or believe to be the case. If we are wrong (because for example, someone has in previous ownership changed, altered or substituted components or parts which alter the specification or performance of machines offered for sale) we cannot and do not accept responsibility. Therefore it is up to each individual purchaser to check for himself that any particular machine is or will be before or at the time of dispatch, suitable for his/her application in terms of specification, design, suitability for a particular purpose etc. We will provide access at any time including assistance with partial dismantling, lifting of items,  loan of tools, measuring equipment, micrometers etc., for engineering inspection or internal examination completely free of charge and entirely without obligation. REBUILDING, OVERHAULING OR REPAIR (OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF WORK ON CUSTOMER'S OWN PROPERTY, INCLUDING REMEDIAL OR SERVICE), OR THE SUPPLY OF PARTS, TOOLS, ACCESSORIES IF SUPPLIED OR MANUFACTURED. Rebuilding, overhauling, renewal, remedial correction, repairing and/or other works will be carried out to acceptable engineering standards as determined in each case by an employed engineer, qualified by experience of at least 10 years, of Allied Machinery Ltd. The design and availability of such items as parts, drawings, technical information, specification (or non-availability, or excessive cost or delayed availability) may influence or impinge upon the standard of items used or incorporated, or the finished product (which may be materially altered), of the repair, rebuild , overhaul or other works carried out. Where available as much advice, information, experience, originality, technical advancement or improvement in design, and/or material technique used, will be employed  as is reasonably practical and economic so to do, within the environs of a machinery repair shop (or the site), with the material, labour, equipment and resources available or under the control of Allied Machinery Ltd. Because it is not always possible to determine the extent of works without dismantling, measurement, testing, lifting , calibration etc., Allied Machinery Ltd will permit customers or owners to view and inspect the progress of works at any stage, but only insofar as not to hinder or delay the progress of Allied Machinery's workforce. In extreem cases Allied Machinery Ltd reserves the right to cancel any contract without penalty, on the grounds that it has discovered during works, an excess of  expenditure, that it could not reasonably foresee or predict until such time, charging reasonably and only for the work done. OTHER CONTRACTS OR SERVICES BEYOND THE SCOPE OF MACHINERY OR EQUIPMENT DEALING & REVISION OR ALTERATION Where this business offers for sale, loans or lends (liquidities or material items), rents out, services, contracts, supplies, trades, exchanges or swaps, pledges or arranges outside or beyond the scope of machinery dealing, these trading terms shall still apply and govern, except for each feature of the terms as can only reasonably apply to the business of a machinery dealer, unless prohibited by English Law or Court Injunction. These trading terms may be varied or updated from time to time, but it is the edition in force at the time a contract is confirmed by our first invoice, which shall govern in each case. The current trading terms are posted in our works entrance for any examination and are available free of charge on request. ADVICE We try to advise all customers about various machines or applications associated with the machinery which we sell or have some experience or knowledge about (as well as other associated matters). We offer the advice free of charge, without professional qualification, and based on our own observation or experience of others in the circumstances. We accept no responsibility for the advice and ask customers to ignore and disregard all of our statements, if  they cannot accept our advice on the above basis. GUARANTEES New machines are guaranteed (by manufacturers' in accordance with the manufacturer's provisions. The maximum period of guarantee is 1 year from the date of dispatch for new machines. Rebuilt, overhauled and certain other machines which are either nearly new, recently overhauled or rebuilt are guaranteed for a period of  6 months, from the date of dispatch. Machines in existing condition, "outright" sales, supplies to other dealers, tooling, parts and literature are supplied without service warranty on conditional basis that item/s will not be put to use without first correcting all health and safety aspects of (but not limited to) guards, electrical considerations, protections, etc. Defective or faulty parts must be returned and then recollected, carriage free to our works or other point of repair (if a new machine from a manufacturer for example)  for repair or replacement. EXCLUSIONS The following is specifically excluded from the guarantee: Damage caused by incorrect operation, misuse, abuse, neglect or lack of, or incorrect maintenance, lubrication or improper adjustment. Consequential or other third party losses of any kind, including (but not limited to) any losses incurred by having to wait for parts to be made, delivered or repaired etc., are specifically excluded. Time delays in waiting for parts etc.,  may reasonable allow extension of the guarantee to exclude down time. Problems arising from resonance, harmonic interference, synchronous or other vibrations, or anisotropic or other rotational imbalances and multi-knife jointing problems of any kind. Inability to obtain maximum or other specific capacity or output for any particular application, within or beyond the scope of the machines capability according to any reference. CASH REFUND OPTION With the exception of new machines, or any items or machines ordered or obtained on a bespoke basis from any source and/or any parts or accessories manufactured or obtained, or any contract confirmed by our invoice or other document marked with the word "outright", the customer may return any machine supplied for any reason within 7 working days of dispatch for cash refund on a net 30 days basis. The above is subject to the item being returned in the condition and completeness as it was at the time of dispatch, less any ordinary wear marks from trial use or operation etc., and any ex works packaging. In the case of exports allowance will be made for transit times involved in shipping, to allow a similar period of trial use at the destination. Transport, loading and incidental costs will be for the returners account. PRICES New machines are priced according to the manufacturer's price list, net of  UK VAT, net ex works at the time of manufacturer's dispatch, unless the item is ex-stock in our works when the price quoted is firm. PACKAGING Machines are supplied free loaded to vehicle, on timber bearers (FOC), and poly-shrink wrapped. The covering is primarily designed to keep the item clean (ONLY) and is not a waterproof covering, substitute for tarpaulins or other protections in shipment. Machines can be palletised, crated, cased or braced in containers as required, but all is charged at modest rates, and in many instances highly recommended to avoid damage. Other items may be variously packed to customers requests prior to shipment. HAULAGE REMOVALS CARRIAGE  & TRANSIT DAMAGE Goods supplied by AML are moved/lifted, loaded and carried under AML consignment note terms, additional and supplementary to standard trading terms. Goods which are not the property of AML, and for which AML have contracted to remove or carry, are lifted under supplementary lifting terms (as imposed by insurers) and carried in accordance with AML consignment note and standard trading terms. Any damage must be telephoned to our office prior to unloading, if possible photographed after being reported, and transport contractors or AML bill of lading endorsed before signing off. If goods are not examined on receipt, the transport bill may be endorsed received "without inspection". A written statement of claim must be sent within 7 days after the event together with photographs and any other evidence, to our office address above. TITLE, RISK & ACCESS FOR RECOVERY Title to the goods does not pass until fully paid. Any invoice for the goods is to be construed as a request for payment and not that title vests with the name of the recipient of an invoice until payment is received. Risk passes to the purchasers responsibility from clean on board at our works or time of receipt of order or first payment if elsewhere, irrespective of other payments or passage of title. In the event of unpaid or stopped payment/s by the purchaser (or other inability to pay), the purchaser grants unhindered access for repossession of the entire goods, and covenants to insure the goods against all risks until fully paid. DELIVERY DATES Delivery dates are approximate and given without attachment of any liability for delay irrespective of the cause. Every effort within the control of Allied Machinery Ltd will be made to adhere to delivery dates given. LIABILITY, DISPUTE & DURISDICTION We accept no responsibility or liability for any damages or losses either directly sustained or consequential from users, purchasers or third parties that may arise after goods are dispatched, collected, transported or deivered. Where goods are shipped outide England, the laws of England shall govern any dispute and the purchaser submits by acceptance of his invoice, to English law to be judged in an English court. DANGER  - HEALTH & SAFETY It is pointed out that machinery is inherently dangerous and that only qualified people, or persons being trained by qualified people should use machinery in accordance with accepted procedures, manuals &/or instructions (if able to be supplied in the case of machines which are not new) or placards.  If there is any doubt about safe operation,  do not use machinery, electrically/mechanically isolate and seek advice prior to any use. Reg Office: 4 Green Lane, Cookridge, Leeds LS16 7LP, England. File: T&C. - Revised Feb 97, Apr 03,  Aug 07, & Dec 2008 © Tel & Fax (9 rings): (44) 0113-2792792 Email: sales@alliedmachinery.co.uk