Truegrip Expanding Spindles - Operating Instructions.. To Download a copy in Word Format Click Here: © Allied Machinery OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXPANDING SPINDLES & ADDITIONAL TRADING TERMS Read and understand the machine operators manual. Read and understand this manual. Only trained/qualified woodworking machinery operators, with experience of hydraulically operated tooling should operate the shaft. Isolate power before servicing tooling or operating spindle. Follow safety procedures. Wear all PPE as required. Release the bleed valve to change or remove tools/spacers/safety collars, and/or load the spindle. Rotate the valve 2 full turns, and wait several seconds for all pressure to dissipate. Cover the valve with cloth when releasing pressure, to protect oneself/others from expelled grease. Close the valve firmly to pressurise the shaft. Use only tools, cutterblocks and/or spacers with H7 tolerance plain bores, if they are to be gripped by the expanding spindle. If any doubt exists about the bores to be fitted, examine the bores for defects and check the size with a H7 Go - No Go plug gauge. Do not fit unserviceable tools/bores. (Gauges available from AML). It is essential that tools to be gripped are in sufficient contact with the expanding portion of the shaft, to prevent damage. Cover entirely the expanding portion of the spindle, with either the H7 bore tool/cutterblock, spacers, and/or safety collar before applying pressure and expanding the spindle. Use spacers to locate the cutterblock/tool and position correctly before pressurising. If cutterblocks are to be "ganged" and to be gripped on the shaft, such as a side referencing block and a cutterblock, it is essential that the bores of these items be a matched pair AND that they are screwed together as one block - refer to AML for any specific advice. Expand the spindle with an Abnox Wanner grease gun, (the same as is used for hydro-type cutterblocks), BUT use only thinner grease - specificaly Lithium based NLGI 00 EP grease (from AML if reqd). If thicker grease is used in error it will be difficult to remove tools when pressure is released, due to the thick viscosity of the expansion fluid. The thinner grease may be used in hydro type cutter-blocks without damage. It is important to ONLY use the grease specified. If thicker grease is used in error contact Allied Machinery Ltd prior to further use. It is an expensive process to clean out thicker grease. Saw blades should be mounted on saw collars (before fitting), together with spacers and safety collars. Pressurise min 250 to max 400 bar before running. USE OF OLDER TOOLING Void Bore Blocks If blocks with void or relieved bores are to be fitted, these may only be secured with friction fit nut and spacer/s against the shaft shoulder. Do not expand the hydraulic shaft as the hydraulic system will leak (deliberately). Usually - no damage will result if this mistake occurs. The shaft is not designed to cope with voids >0.25mm of the nominal design diameter. Hydro Type Blocks If hydro type cutterblock tools are to be fitted, these may be secured with the hydraulic system in each cutterblock, together with safety collars. This will not damage the shaft hydraulics. Do not expand the shaft, as permanent damage may occur to the hydro type cutterblock and/or the shaft. Other types of tooling can be fitted (e.g. split cones and coned tooling), but please check with Allied Machinery Ltd prior to fitting. Do not attempt to remove the cuff spring – a special tool is required. Clean the shaft with fine steel wool or Scotch-brite pad. Never clean with any abrasives. Never rotate the bare spindle under power - it is extremely dangerous to do this. Do not use an airline to clean around the spindle - you may "blow in" a contaminant and render the shaft unserviceable. Do not attempt to poke out contaminants with sharp implements - you may poke something in and damage the shaft. Wipe the shaft with light machine oil before use and after cleaning. After use the shaft and cutterblock will be colder than the surrounding atmosphere, due to the refrigeration process at work caused or generated by your extraction system. Ambient moisture in the air will condense on the shaft and cutterblock (like it does on a glass full of ice), and condensate will linger in tight spaces. This moisture causes corrosion and prevention is better than cure. Remove cutterblocks after use, and wipe the shaft and cutterblock completely with oil. Check the pressure in the shaft gallery with a grease gun before every use, or inspect the linear pressure gauge if fitted. TOOLS When ordering tooling, specify that the tool bore should be plain, and made without any relief (sometimes called void bore) and that the entire length of the tool bore should be made to a H7 tolerance, to fit on a g6 tolerance shaft. Explain that the bore can be checked with a "H7 Go/No-Go Plug Gauge".  Aluminium alloy cutterblocks can be used. Spacers, collars and safety collars should all be made to similar H7 tolerances. GUARANTEE Allied Machinery Ltd guarantees that its products are free from defects in material or workmanship for 12 months, from the date of sale. The guarantee will extend and include modifications to others property - such as a shaft modification.  Defects or failures will be renewed or repaired by Allied Machinery Ltd. EXCLUSIONS Spindle faults of any kind not related to the work of Allied Machinery Ltd. This will variously include spindle or housing faults, quill and quill parts, dynamic spindle parts, nuts, spacers, or thrust, Belleville, wavey, disc spring, anti-contamination - washer/s, pulleys, and bearings of any kind, unless all the above have been renewed, and rebuilt by Allied Machinery Ltd. The cost of removal of the spindle/quill and the cost of re- installing the same, and all associated costs, together with transportation costs, packing and insurance etc., are specifically excluded. CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS Compensation for consequential loss/es of any kind is specifically excluded as a condition of sale, irrespective of time taken to restore serviceability or the number of times service or repair/renewal is required. DAMAGE/MISUSE If faults exists due to misuse or damage, all re-instatement is chargeable File t&cwwwrev1.doc Tel & Fax (9 rings): (44) 0113-2792792 Email: