Feed Rollers.. Feeder Rollers or Moulder Rollers (Wadkin, Weinig, SCM, Leadermac). We have most items on stock. The most common are these: 1) Power Feed Rollers for the unit fitted to your spindle moulder (Maggi, Co-Matic, SKI, Wadkin Bursgreen, and many others). Usually 120mm OD, aluminium hub, 2 holes, rubber surface. 2) Moulder feed rollers: Mostly orange polyurethane covered - 140mm OD, 35mm ID, 50mm long (thick) and a 10mm keyway - set screw located or clamped at the end. Our standard Uniroller fits many machines: Weinig, Wadkin, Leadermac and SCM 3) Steel serrated rollers for moulders - hook tooth design 140 OD/35 ID x 50 Long - 10mm Keyway, set screw fixed or end clamp WE ARE USUALLY SUBSTANTIALLY CHEAPER THAN THE MACHINE MANUFACTURER - ALL EX STOCK © Allied Machinery Tel & Fax (9 rings): (44) 0113-2792792 Email: sales@alliedmachinery.co.uk