Truegrip Expanding Spindles.. © Allied Machinery KEY POINTS Unique patented design (no:1107497-8) - totally new concept Rapid Interchange of tooling Minimal shaft structural & functional degradation -can be zero if required Low Investment - no hydro grip system required in every cutterblock Much cheaper add-on tooling - plain bore Equivalent or better torque values to hydro type cutterblocks - big profiles Machine does not require complex electrical interlocks like HSK system A special grinder is not required to process grinding as with HSK Each spindle conversion can be cheaper than 1 single large hydro type cutterblock Only 1 spindle conversion necessary - not every cutterblock Very high precision and tolerance Valves/nipples may always face operator in convenient place Suitable for jointed knives and finishes Durable long life - seals are changeable Fluid grease NLGI 00 EP (ONLY) - used for pressurisation - can be stained if reqd Standard Abnox type grease gun can be used (as for ordinary hydro type blocks) Easy maintenance - cheap, quick to change any component Only 1 special tool required for service Operator training and maintenance issues easily learned by machinists Safety collars unaffected and can be used Designed for H7 tolerance, plain bore tools and spacers (without bore relief) Standard diameters 30mm, 40mm, 50mm & 60mm, also 1-13/16" and 2-1/8" Standard length 100mm (or multiples if required) Other diameters and lengths can be offered on a bespoke basis ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Truegrip spindle can still be used to fit existing or older, hydro type blocks if required Relieved or void bore cutterblocks can still be fitted with friction fit nut Not easily damaged - if pressurised to void bores or hydro blocks - usually it will simply leak Older hydro type blocks can be pressurised without damage Grinder arbores/shafts can be converted or supplied Saw Collars can be used ALSO Spindle conversion can usually be accomplished without dismantling bearings etc Multiple expansion springs can be fitted if required (e.g: outboard bearing journals) Enormous engineering torque values can be achieved if required, including shaft keys Can be adapted for numerous applications - it is a coupling system MADE IN ENGLAND Tel & Fax (9 rings): (44) 0113-2792792 Email: Expanding Spindles Process / Conversion Our process can be done to your existing spindles or new spindles. Your existing spindles must be fully serviceable, to allow us to do the conversion. All sizes can be done, but the most common are 40 and 50mm, and our stock of components reflect these sizes. It may help to study some of the following to understand our conversion, and what advantages and considerations you may wish to know.